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Hussa Ranch is located in beautiful Surprise Valley, on the western rim of the Great Basin, in the Sagebrush Corner – the borderlands of Oregon, California, and Nevada. Here we raise commercial cattle and Quarter Horses. Our ranch flock is unregistered, but of pure Navajo-Churro blood. We also offer fine breeding stock, work animals, Navajo-Churro wool Products, and locker lamb. 
John Hussa’s family has been ranching in Surprise Valley just shy of one hundred years. His grandfather came from Kansas by ship around the Horn to San Francisco. In the butcher shop where he worked he hear men talking about the opportunity in the good grass country of Surprise Valley, beyond the mountains. After marrying, he and his young wife crossed those mountains by stagecoach in 1911.
John has lived in Surprise Valley all his life. Linda has only been here for the best part of hers. After marrying in the early 70s, the couple has continued in the cow-calf business, concentrated on breeding Quarter Horses and added Navajo-Churro sheep in 1989. Linda began writing seriously about ranch life and has published several books including an award winning collection of poetry. You may contact
lhussa@frontiernet.net for more information. So please, have a look around and enjoy your stay at Hussa Ranch's Official Website.
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Hussa Ranch

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